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We Offer Free Advice

We understand that a lot of thought goes into deciding on a body piercing. That is why we are more than willing to help you set correct expectations, with our experience and knowledge, we can advise you on the best placement and jewelry for your piercing. 
We also respect our customers, and will never pressure you into anything you do not want.

Quality Matters to Us

We do not use just any metal for our products. Because we value a job well-done and the comfort and safety of our customers, we use only the best materials. This includes our medical-grade titanium jewellery, the safest hypoallergenic material on the market.  We have coloured titanium and also Gold Zircon a medical grade gold jewellery that is both safe and attractive.  We also use P.T.F.E., another hypoallergenic material that is completely inert, biocompatible and flexible for those hard to heal piercings.

Meet Our Friendly Staff

Our specially trained staff are more than just qualified to help you, we are also very friendly. 
We care about each of our customers, and your comfort is important to us. If you should have any questions while visiting our studios, we are more than willing to share our time-tested advice.  You can also contact us through email or facebook to ask those questions that you think of just after you leave.

Welcome to
Body Pleasure Piercing

It takes a certain kind of fascination to truly appreciate the art of body piercing. Here at Body Pleasure Piercing, we understand that, and that is why we are dedicated to researching the best way to pierce. We strive for everyone who comes into our shops to feel satisfied with their final result. When done correctly, body piercing can be safe and really reflect the personality of the one adorning. We respect that, so along with offering body piercing services, we also offer sincere and hard-earned advice.

From any type of piercing to ear stitching, we have the experience it takes to provide you with quality service. We value our customers and the art of a job well-done, and we strive for professionalism in all we do. No matter what your need may be, we can certainly help you put a ring in it.
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“I have had fantastic customer service in the Chapel Street store from the complete legends who work there. Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional staff members who put me completely at ease and made my piercing experience an extremely enjoyable one. I now wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for such services in Melbourne. Thanks very much. I'll definitely be seeing you again.” 

- Lyndsay M.

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