About Us

What is Body Pleasure Piercing?

"It is our genuine belief that piercings should NOT be painful and getting your piercing should be a pleasurable experience, hence our name Body Pleasure Piercing. We strive to make piercings available to everyone in the safest and most comfortable environment." Rhonda, Geoff and Mustafa.

WHEN? In 1986 Body Piercing in Australia was almost unheard of, the industry itself was in its infancy if that. We , (Geoff and Rhonda) saw a need and a lack of knowledge and it became our goal to fill that need and to gain that knowledge.  We took on the challenge to research, experiment and perfect procedures that have evolved since then tot he methods we use today.

HISTORY!   After all of our research and doing hundreds of piercing,  we opened our first registered premises in 1994 –95 and as the industry grew so did the demand. In 1995 we were the first premises passed by the Surf Coast Shire as Body Piercing Premises and in 1996 we were the first people passed by the Warrnambool Health Department to perform Body Piercing Procedures in a Tattoo studio in Warrnambool.

THE THIRD DEGREE!  To achieve this we had our techniques and procedures assessed by numerous local medical and health officers (ie: Doctors) because councils were so unsure of body piercing procedures and there were no guidelines in place specifically for body piercing. In 1998 we were the first piercers to be passed by the Melbourne Health Department to do piercings in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre at SEXPO and did 100 piercings in 3 days at the event.Again our procedures were inspected.  You could say we have been the most scrutinised piercers around as we paved the way for those who came after us.

LAWS! Through our insisting that the Health Authorities formulate guidelines for Body Piercing and regulate the types of materials that can be inserted into the body along with numerous communications with Health and Community services we have been able to lay the foundations of the body piercing industry in Victoria.

AGE LIMITS! Victoria now has regulations in place with the guidelines encompassing body piercing as a part of them. In 1995 we began to rally for the introduction of legal age limits for body piercing procedures. Finally the new legislation governing age limits was introduced as of the 1st of January 2009. Our studios abide by this law and request that you provide photo I.D if you wish to get a piercing in any of our studios.

TODAY!  Our Body Pleasure Piercing studios continue to lead the industry with the formation of the most comprehensive and traceable record keeping system in the industry . We have designed it to protect you, the customer.  The demand for our services continues to grow and we opened our second store in Corio to cater to the demand in 2008.

In July 2009 we came Runners up for the Best Micro Business Award at the Geelong Advertiser Business Awards. During the Awards evening we met and had our photo taken with Shane Jacobson (Kenny) as seen in our home page photos.
By entering the competition and meeting the criteria for these awards it inspired us to continue to grow our business and look towards our third studio.

In late 2009 we were fortunate enough to team up with Mustafa who on his own had years of experience and had trained with the British Association of piercers. Together we formed "The Austrailian Professional Piercers Pty Ltd".
We then instructed Mustafa in our unique and gentle techniques and procedures before opening the Prahran studio, which now runs in line with our, 'Body Pleasure Piercing' and The Australian Professional Piercers Pty Ltd, high standards of practice.

2013, brings us to our fourth studio - Shop 4, 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD.  

Opened in May 2013 it is in it' infancy and we know that your ongoing support and our efforts to provide the safest piercing studio in Melbourne will make it as busy as our other 3 stores.    We are also increasing our range of jewellery and providing the best service in town.


2014 -  As we are always striving to provide the best service for our clients we have decided to expand on our busy Geelong Studio to eleviate wait times and make things run more smoothly.  And to do this we have closed the Corio Studio and we are opening a second larger studio in Little Malop ST just near the original Geelong studio.  For the time being this second studio will be handling all of the jewellery sales and so if you need anything for your piercing it will be the studio to go to.  Wile all procedures and insertions of jewellery will be in the original studio to enable us to serve you better.