Ear Stitching

Trustworthy Ear Stitching
in Melbourne

What it is
Healing the Past

Sometimes piercings can leave unwanted scars or unsightly damage. We at Body Pleasure Piercings empathise with our customers and strive for everyone to have the look they desire. That is why we offer the option of ear stitching: a simple procedure that promotes the healing of piercing holes in the ear. This procedure can be an option for both regular piercings and gauged ears.

Our staff is specially trained and qualified to serve you.

How It Works

The process is relatively simple for our specially trained staff. The process involves gently removing the scar tissue from the effected earlobe, followed by stitching the hole back together. The procedure has proved miraculously effective, with breath-taking results. Thanks to ear stitching, you won’t have to worry anymore about unseemly or embarrassing scaring.

Your Healing Today

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