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In May 2010 someone suggested that Rhonda was "Old School" in her piercing techniques and had not kept up the pace. So how better to show that we are still making holes in this industry and show that our piercing technique is safe, fast simple piercing method is easy and clean and relatively painless.

It took some time to get the record approved by Guiness World Records People because this had never been done before and had to be approved and have regulations set as a NEW world record. Not only did Rhonda achieve a world record on piercing procedure but she is the first body piercer in the world to do so.

On September 18th 2010 we undertook the challenge of getting a world record in our artform and Rhonda (with the assistance of all of the staff including Geoff, Mustafa, Xavier, Jessie, Ella, Katelyn and Karlee - Bryan came all the way from Roxby Downs to be our Medical personel On stand by, Janet and Zach kept the time with counters provided by the Geelong Little Athletics, Samantha took photos and so many people rushed around helping while Debra officiated for us. Not to mention the 64 willing piercees who participated was able to pierce 64 people - nose, eyebrow, lips, navel and various ear piercings all by hand with high grade titanium jewellery in exactly one hour.That is 64 individual piercings in 60 minutes.

Rhonda did nothing different when piercing for the world record than what she normally does - we just sped up the preparation and after care by having things streamlined with assistants.

We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to those who got pierced on the day and will soon have up a page just with world record pictures.

The event was filmed by the crew at and the video of the event can be seen at

In June 2011 the word came back from Guiness World Records - IT's Official!
The certificate is in the mail! (Now on our wall.)