Piercing Services

Piercing Services

'If you've got it ~ We can put a ring in it!'

Through our years of research and practice we have developed the safest and most gentle piercing techniques and most effective placements and healing procedures. All care is taken to provide you with the safest and most appropriate jewellery for your piercing and your body.

Our studios are designed to provide your piercing in a clean, safe and relaxed environment. For all initial body piercing we use the highest grade of titanium jewellery made in Europe from the safest hypoallergenic material, we also use P.T.F.E. another hypoallergenic material that is completely inert, biocompatible and flexible.

We stock jewellery from all of the leading suppliers including Anatometal and many others.

We use the most appropriate jewellery for your piercing procedure including Dermals, surface bars, micro surface bars and PTFE. 


Service Type
Base Price
w/- Ring
w/- With Barbell
w/- With PTFE
Piercing Info

Ear Lobe

Pair from $35 (plain Titanium)

from $55 (Titanium BCR)

from $55 (Ti Labret - 1.2mm)

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