Piercing Services

Navel Piercing (belly button)

This piercing can be done anywhere around the navel.

However, it is normally done at the top.

Some people get multiple navel piercings top bottom and sides.

This piercing is not gender specific... navel is common in girls but many men also get this piercing. 


Most complications of the Navel are caused by...

* over cleaning/touching, if you clean it too often it is like \picking a scab 5 times a ay it wont and can't heal and you damage the regenerating tissue which can cause rejection.  Solution - Leave it alone.

*Fluff or lint getting into the piercing, This can cause a similar reaction that your body would have to a splinter, it can cause it to try to reject or push out the fluff and therefore reject the piercing as well.  This generallt starts with weeping and turns into a lump at the top or bottom of the piercing.  To assist if this is the problem an antibiotic ointment will often be adequate to eat out the fluff and settle the problem.  

*reactions to low grade jewellery Generally present in redness and irritation can cause wide skin discolouration I have seen discolouratin and swelling aroung the piercing as large as the size of the palm of your hand - it can be sore and scaly or weepy and generally causes rejection.  Treatment would be to change to high grade Titanium jewellery.














w/- Ring: AU$$69.95

w/- Barbell/Stud: AU$$69.95

w/- PTFE: AU$$69.95