Piercing Services

Ear Lobes

Yes the most common piercing of all with the greatest amount of history is often done poorly.

At Body Pleasure Piercing we have come up with a comprimise to using the often asked for but barbaric gun and surgical studs.

However, the gun is a slightly scary and can be a harmful device that can get jammed on the ear and can shoot the stud in crooked and also push skin from the front of the ear out the back leaving the common lump in the ear syndrome.

So, we have aquired Titanium ear studs and we insert these by using a needle with anaesthetic on it to perform the piercing accurately, gently and safely with a really fast healing time.

This means less pain, fast healing and the traditional looking ear studs made out of the safest material.  You can't get any better than that!

We also do all ages from 6weeks to 80+years. 

The same as all other body piercings - Under 16 years must have parent permission and over 16 yrs must have Photo ID. 

The base cost of $35 is for both ears with plain titanium studs - with different jewellery the price varies.

We have a range of different studs avaiable and we also have 'fake stretchers' in Black titanium that have been increasingly popular for $45 per ear.

Base Cost: AU$Pair from $35 (plain Titanium)

w/- Ring: AU$ from $55 (Titanium BCR)

w/- Barbell/Stud: AU$from $55 (Ti Labret - 1.2mm)