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Surface Piercing

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Surface piercings can be done anywhere on the body.

We often use PTFE bars, our bars are different in being hollow and super super soft they are more flexible to allow the bar to shape to fit the skin and location of the piercing.  This means no presure on the skin and a reduced chance of rejection.

What most piercers don't understand is the flow of Lymph through the skin to keep it healthy.  When you put preasure ontot he skin it prevents the natural flow of lymph and this causes the skin to die.  A good example is bed sores in people with restricted movement as the preasure on the skin causes it to die.   In the same way on a smaller scale the preasure from a surface bar can prevent the natural flow of lymph and the skin above the piercing dies this is what is commonly known as rejection of a surface piercing. 

Most piercing we do with PTFE, we leave the bar long enough to aide cleaning and healing.  A few mm's each side. (so in pictures of fresh piercings you will see the bar is a touch too long.)

Surface bars are a great attempt to prevent preasure on the skin from below and aften heal well the problem with these being that they can get caught and wobble making the hole at the surface larger and allowing foreign matter to enter the piercing which may cause infection.

We also have a range of staple bars in stock in various designs. These have a flat bar and are also designed to stop the preasure from below on the piercing.  Being a flat bar they wobble less than the surface bar and can be good for some piercings and are often inserted using a freehand piercing technique. 

One of these pictures of a hip piercing has an old home tattoo in the centre of the piercing.  It is not a pen mark or caused by the piercing at all.

  It will be shortened once healing has started and any swelling has then gone down.

Base Cost: AU$$69.95

w/- PTFE: AU$$69.95