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Septum Piercings

The Septum is the area in the middle of the nose and it is a very easy piercing to do and get.  It is a traditional piercing as it has been done in many tribes and cultures around the world for thousands of years.  Even so there are a lot of myths regarding this piercing.  Often it is said to be the most painful piercing and yet when done at body pleasure piercing we have clients tell us it was the least painful. 

We do not use a clamp as used by many stores as this can twist the septum and it is quite painful in itself a freehand method has been used for this piercing at Body Pleasure Piercing since the mid 1990's and when placed correctly it may make the eyes water but is hardly felt.

The clamp pinches the lower part of the septum where the nerves are and so is a more painful method.

The other thing told to many clients is that it cannot be hidden for over 6 weeks this is total rubbish.  When done at Body Pleasure Piercing we will often use a Circular Barbell and we can open it so that it can be spun up the nose and be hidden as soon as it is done.  The piercers who do not allow this are merely inexperienced.  There is no factual reason why you can't hide it.

And the last issue with this piercing is jewellery size.

We use a 1.6mm or 14ga piece of jewellery so that as it heals and is turned up and down etc it does not cut into the healing tissue and to allow for a safe piercing.  Of course you can go larger but you don't have to, as we had someone recenly explain that their "Tattooist" told them that they had to have a 2.4mm or larger guage for innitial piercing.  That is totally unfounded and untrue.

Many of the other cheaper studios go the other way and insert 1.2mm or 16ga jewellery which can cut the piercing and is offten slower to heal and more uncomfortable for the innitial healing.  I recently removed one of these that had been done for 6 weeks and was still bleeding every time she moved it because every time it moved the thin wire cut the soft tissue. 

So, based on our knowledge of anatomy, and our years of experience watching these piercings heal and/ or not heal.  Seeing and hearing the results of different piercing techniques we have developed and method and jewellery choice that is safer, less painful and heals faster.    Once healed you can change the jewellery and do what you like.



Base Cost: AU$$69.95

w/- Ring: AU$$69.95

w/- Barbell/Stud: AU$$69.95

w/- PTFE: AU$N/A