Piercing Services


A very popular piercing, the tongue piercing is a modern piercing.

We use an initial healing bar which is longer with 6mm balls to prevent the bar from being drawn into the tongue during the first few days of swelling.  Because we only use titanium jewelery for innitial piercings you can also get some great colours in these as first piercings.

All tongue piercingsswell during the first few days but will gradually go down.  Everyone is different and some people will get more swelling than others and so we allow for a lot of swelling just in case but lucky people do not have any real swelling.

The tongue is for most people one of the least painful piercings to get.  The clamp is uncomforable but the piercing itself is more like someone pushing on your tongue and is done quite quickly.

Once healed it is best to get a shorter bar and some people prefer plastic balls as if you bite a ball and break it, balls are much less painful or costy to replace than your teeth are. 



Base Cost: AU$$69.95

w/- Barbell/Stud: AU$$69.95