Piercing Services


The Daith piercing is in the middle of the ear below the forward Helix and behind the Tragus.

It is growing in popularity with the development of jewellery such as the little heart shaped rings that sit particularly well in this piercing.  Often done with curved bars or circular bars for healing as these are easier to clean ad move during the early stages of healing.  Hearts can then be inserted once healed.

These piercings are a little more painful than the lobe but can be well worth it to the wearer.

At Body Pleasure Piercing we use 1.2mm (16ga) jewellery as it will heal well and be the least painful to insert.    We had one case where a girl had been to a so called ‘Professional’ establishment and they had convinced her to use a 2.4mm (10ga) ring in her Daith as they claimed that it would heal better and had less chance of rejecting.  It was so bruised and painful that she came in to us to have it removed the next day.  And the opposite is true with a Daith a thick bar like a  2.4mm would be more likely to split the cartilage and reject than a properly inserted 1.2mm item.  Not to mention the excessive bruising.


Alternate jewellery that can be used in a healed Daith piercing is the newer septum clickers as they can sit on a angle and be a pretty accessory for the daith.

Base Cost: AU$$63

w/- Ring: AU$$63

w/- Barbell/Stud: AU$$63