Piercing Services


Rook piercings are done in the fold of cartilage above the daith.  Often done with titanium circular barbells, curved bars or ball closure rings these are a versatile piercing that can be decorated up with jewels and even heart shaped jewellery.  Placement is important because if the skin on the rook rolls when being pierced it will come out too shallow and the healing will reject due to the pressure of the cartilage against the jewellery.  If done too deep it will be painful and have healing difficulties. 


We use 1.2mm (16ga) jewellery in this as it is thick enough not to reject and sized to look great without looking manly or butch.  The newer Septum Clickers that have come about with the influx of septum piercings are also able to be inserted into rook piercings and can be an extra bit of bling to the fashion conscious.

Base Cost: AU$$63

w/- Ring: AU$$63

w/- Barbell/Stud: AU$$63