Piercing Services

Forward Helix

This piercing is done in the tissue above the tragus.  It looks good as a single piercing but also looks really good as a multiple.   Three in a row is common with this piercing.   

It can be done with a labret bar but is often better done with a curved bar like an eyebrow bar for comfort and ease of cleaning.  Once healed it can then be changed to a shorter labret. 

A relatively easy piercing to get and heal but it is best to decide if you want one or two or three before getting the first one so as to enable correct placement of the initial piercing.    Small rings can also be worn and even small circular barbells, these look especially good with jewelled balls on them and a clip in jewelled ball inserted between the two balls of the circular to give a three in a row look with only one piercing.  There are also many different items that can be used in the forward helix with jewels and bling.

Base Cost: AU$$63

w/- Ring: AU$$63

w/- Barbell/Stud: AU$$63