Body Piercings

Inverted Nipples

Some women have nipples that do not protrude and actually sink into the areola.


Piercing of the skin under the chin on the neck. Includes titanium barbell or ball closure Ring

Male nipple

Piercing behind the nipple through the areola making the nipple protrude a little. Inc. titanium barbell or ring

Nymph / Neck

Piercing on the back of the neck. Includes either titanium or flexible barbell

Female nipple

Piercing of the female nipple in front of the areola. Includes titanium barball or ball closure ring


single jewel placed with a dermal anchor anywhere on the face. Included titanium dermal anchor and jewel top.


Piercing of any area of skin on the body. Includes either titanium or flexible barbell


Piercing of the skin between the breasts or in the centre of the chest. Includes either titanium or flexible barbell


Piercing of the skin around the belly button generally done at the top. But it can be done at the bottom and sides as well.

Body Piercing

Body Pleasure Piercing can perform body piercing at our studios in St Kilda and Geelong, including nipple piercing, genital piercing and titanium belly piercing. We use the highest quality hypoallergenic titanium jewellery for all body piercings we perform. This jewellery is designed to lessen irritation and lower the chance of infection occurring. It’s also important to follow our aftercare instructions [Insert hyperlink to healing instructions page]carefully to ensure the health of your new body piercing.
Continue reading to learn about some of the most popular body piercings offered at our St Kilda and Geelong studios.

Inverted Nipples


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