What to Expect

When you come Body Pleasure Piercing Studio

When you walk in, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff. Each of us is eager to help you achieve the piercing you want. While we are keen to help you we will not pressure you into anything you do not want. As we value professionalism and we respect our customers and their wishes.

Our staff are trained in safe aseptic piercing techniques and will advise you on what is the best jewellery and placement for your chosen piercing. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. There are no stupid questions!

Before We Begin

When you have decided on what piercing you want,

  • The staff will ask you to fill in a form
  • We will require you to provide photo ID. with your date of birth on it. (Legal age limits apply)
  • We will then provide you with a certificate and healing information (and, in most cases, a healing kit)
  • We will talk you through this process and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have.
  • There may be a short wait as the staff set up the room and prepare the equipment.

Each of our studios is set up to maximise your comfort and safety. We have chairs which recline in each of our piercing rooms so we can position you in a comfortable laid back position. Once in the room, you will be seated and the area to be pierced will be cleaned and disinfected to prevent infection. A mark will be drawn to indicate where your piercing will be placed.

This will be the last appropriate time for you to clarify the location of your desired piercing so look closely!

The Piercing

Once you have agreed on the placement, the piercing will be done quickly and the jewellery inserted. The area is then cleaned and the staff ensures that you are feeling fine before sitting you up. If you faint easily or feel dizzy at all, make sure to inform the staff so they can keep you reclined and ease you through the dizziness. (Some people feel faint more easily than others so please do not be embarrassed to let us know how you are feeling.)

Once you feel comfortable with your new piercing in place, we will ask you to sign a form to verify that the staff performed the procedure to our high standards. We will schedule a date for a quick checkup, generally in a couple of weeks. However, we are more than happy to see you at any time during the healing process. After the procedure is finished and your appointment scheduled, you are free to go and show off your new adornment to the world.

Additional Information About Our Procedures

We use top-of-the-range Melag Autoclaves that are serviced regularly for your safety. We record that every item is sterilised in every cycle so there is nothing missed. Our record keeping is meticulous to ensure you get the highest standards and safest piercing procedure.

Our staff are all trained and experienced to ensure that we provide you with the best aseptic piercing methods and advice. We have a combined piercing experience of well over 60 years. Our years of research, practice and the use of evidence-based information ensure you have a positive and pleasurable piercing experience.

Our piercing methods have been designed by us to minimise tissue damage and therefore provide a faster healing and less painful piercing. Less tissue damage means not only less pain than competing piercing studios but also less chance of infection during the shorter healing process. With this said there are always things that can go wrong and we do not judge you at all so even if you think you have done something to your piercing you are always welcome to pop back in for advice or help with any situation.

We are well researched and know what we are doing.
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