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Body Pleasure Piercing

Body Piercing in Melbourne – If You’ve Got It, We Can Put a Ring in It!

Body Pleasure Piercing is one of the best piercing shops in Geelong and St Kilda, with over 30 years of experience developing the safest and most gentle piercing techniques. We are well versed in effective placements and correct healing procedures. At our body piercing shops, the greatest care is taken to provide you with the safest and most appropriate jewellery for your piercing and your body.

Clean & Safe Body Piercing in Geelong and St Kilda

Our studios in Melbourne and Geelong are designed for us to conduct your piercing in a clean, safe and relaxed environment. For all initial body piercings, such as a nose piercing or ear piercing, we use the highest grade of titanium jewellery made in Europe from the safest hypoallergenic materials. We also use another hypoallergenic material known as P.T.F.E. which is completely inert, bio-compatible and flexible.

Exclusively Stocking Select Medical Grade Body Jewellery Lines

We stock body piercing jewellery from all of the leading suppliers around the world.  The manufacturer of our medical grade Titanium and Gold Zircon lines doesn’t sell to anyone else in Australia, and we have a strong reciprocal relationship with them. For years they have altered jewellery designs to meet our needs and specifications, allowing for easier insertion and better healing.

Our Piercings Philosophy?

.The aim of a body piercing is to create a hole in the skin through which you can thread jewellery. It’s an ancient art of personal adornment, but thankfully the processes for conducting a body piercing have improved significantly over the centuries. Nowadays, a single use sterilised needle is used to puncture the skin.. The Body Pleasure Piercing philosophy is to create a piercing that does minimal tissue damage with the appropriate jewellery. In this way performing the procedure with less pain and faster healing which minimises the chance of infection. All of our piercing shops will always use local anaesthetic topically applied when performing all body piercing procedures to numb the area before doing the body piercing for your ease and comfort.

What Parts of Your Body Can You Get Pierced?

Some of the most common piercings we do include:

  • Nose piercing
  • Ear piercing
  • Belly button piercing
  • Lip piercing (including bite, labret piercings and others)
  • Nipple piercing
  • Tongue piercing
  • Genital piercings
  • And more!

If the piercing you want isn’t listed here, contact us and ask to see if we can do it − chances are we can! Our piercers are highly experienced in piercing all kinds of body parts.

What is the Most Painful Body Piercing to Get?

The pain associated with any body piercing will of course vary according to your own personal pain threshold. We do always use a local anaesthetic on the area before piercing. In general however, most piercings are done very quickly, with the use of anaesthetic and using the Body Pleasure Piercing method most clients tell us that the pain is very minimal and are pleasantly surprised!

Give us a call at either of our Body Pleasure Piercing locations

Whether you’re based in Geelong or St Kilda, we can help you with all your body piercing requests. Our studios are clean and professional and our piercers bring decades of experience to their work, ensuring you’ll get the best body piercing experience possible. Call Body Pleasure Piercing today to put some bling on your body! Call our St Kilda studio (relocated from Prahran) on (03) 9534 9938 or our Geelong studio on (03) 5229 0021.

Why Choose Us?

Feel Comfortable

Feel Comfortable

Our Studios are specifically designed to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere to enhance your overall experience.

Less Painful

Less Painful

We have spent 37 years developing a piercing technique that by causing less tissue trauma is the least painful and promotes fastest healing.

Serviced Regularly

Serviced Regularly

We use Melag Autoclaves that are serviced regularly for your safety. Our studios always recieve the top rating and approval by the appropriate Health Authorities.

Friendly Staff

Friendly Staff

When you walk in, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who will help you with your piercing needs with no pressure.

Trained and Qualified

Trained and Qualified

All Staff do a Minimum 2 year Apprenticeship, fully trained and experienced. And are always able to assist you.

37+ Years of Research

37+ Years of Research

Geoff and Rhonda are pioneers in the Piercing industry and started researching and practicing this art in 1986.

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